Impact Overclocking


This article is a continuation of the article "Improve Performance by Overclocking". so if you do not know what overclocking, please read first the article. if in the previous article we talked about the understanding of overclocking and techniques that made ​​for overclocking, in this article I will describe Impact Overclocking.

once we know what it is overclocking, we also have to know the advantages that we can get from overclocking. where there is excess, there is also certainly no shortage. The following positive and negative effects of overclocking.

The negative impact overclock:
1. Overheating of the processor being forced to work at a higher clock,
can be reduced with the use of existing cooling systems.
2. Operating errors (pehitungan) processor as a result of excessive heat.

Overclock a positive impact:
1. Computers become faster as if working with a higher processor.
2. Cheapest way of increasing the working speed of the CPU.
3. Can make a processor that does not exist on the market.

the negative impact of overclocking, it is mentioned that overclocking can cause excessive heat. but this can we reduce / overcome. by cooling method. cooling methods we can do is divided into two. namely:

Many of the outstanding software that can be used as a coolant such as software
waterfall and rain.

by installing the heatsink and fan on the processor or using special hardware,
who was working as a coolant such as kyro 1.

I hope this article useful. and I thank you very much.